AKTOR was founded by entertainment entrepreneur Ryan Wiik, in 10 short industry years, defied the odds and challenged the status-quo with his uncompromising passion for cinema. In doing so, he created and built a production company worth over $100,000,000.


Wiik’s formidable knowledge of the entertainment industry comes from his direct dealings with today’s leaders in Hollywood. Wiik’s relationships with Hollywood moguls and the A-List community in parallel with financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals globally, provided deep understanding of the typical “Catch 22” syndrome that many independent producers and filmmakers struggle to navigate.


As Wiik’s vision began to coalesce in the public forum, his uncompromising work ethic often became international front page-news. Wiik’s exploits have been chronicled in the financial columns as well as the tabloids. Wiik came to Hollywood as a complete foreigner and launched his first entrepreneurial vision during the peak of the 2008 financial crisis. He raised over €1 million in working capital for his initial development company, “Without You, LLC.” Without You’s only asset was a screenplay based on the relationship between Wiik and his father, Frank, which Wiik had developed into a viable and saleable screenplay.


In 2010, the LLC was acquired by Wiik’s second company, WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc. (“WR”). Wiik’s new partners were former top-level senior executives from major studio and casino gaming conglomerates. On a global scale, Wiik led both the creative film development and WR’s multi-million equity raise in order to finance his ventures. Next, Wiik acquired the eBook and screen rights to “Morgan Kane,” a largely unknown best-selling series of 83 book titles which had sold 25 million copies in Northern Europe. He developed the title screenplay and increased the financial and creative profile of WR internationally. In doing so, Wiik effectively re-launched the dime-novel-westerns into one of the most discussed film franchise properties in recent Hollywood history.


While he was not the CEO of WR, Wiik was hands on with the day-to-day operation of WR and it’s positioning in Hollywood. He spearheaded the growth and expansion of WR from start-up to becoming a €100 million group of companies. He helped take the parent company, WR Entertainment ASA public in 2016 on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market. His stunning success resulted in Wiik’s original investors, who financed Wiik’s development company in 2007, saw a return of more than 1000% on their investment and became larger shareholders than the leading billionaires in Norway! Irony followed success: With newfound wealth, these same nouveau stockholders engaged in destructive proxy fights triggered by the company’s phenomenal position for success, forced Wiik to leave the very company he founded less than 12 months after the first bell rang on the Oslo Stock Exchange. With no desire to engage in a prolonged and greed-driven conflict, Wiik returned to his roots of entrepreneurial independent production.


Wiik’s embodies the unparalleled experience required to affect big picture change among the top tier media conglomerates as we enter the Digital Age. Determined to change the power balance in the entertainment capital of the world, Wiik launched AKTOR in 2019 to utilize the formidable knowledge and industry access within a consortium of trusted industry leaders. AKTOR is aimed to leverage large scale industry opportunities that exist within the risk adverse decision-making that often hinders the major studios.


AKTOR works with world-class producers, filmmakers and talent by placing the power in the hands of the creative artists in an effort to position them to participate in real-time profit participation. The subsequent success of this effort relies on long standing industry relationships based on trust and loyalty.



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